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Waterborne coatings

Waterborne coatings have become an emerging force in interior and exterior wood coatings applications in recent years. Waterborne coatings are an effective answer to consumer demand for low environmental impact building solutions due to their lower levels of VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds), low toxicity, reduced air emissions and low flammability. Waterborne coatings can be thinned and spray equipment cleaned up using water rather than chemical solvents.

A wide range of techniques can be used for the application of waterborne products. Extended pot life and high spread rates are also attractive features.

Special additives penetrate and protect the lignin and fibres of the surface of wood from weather, fungi, mold and bacteria.

Waterborne finishes possess many desirable qualities including

  • High UV resistance in clear finishing
  • Non yellowing
  • High heat and scratch resistance
  • Excellent adhesion, very high build and excellent hang for vertical and horizontal ceiling surfaces
  • Savings in time and money gained from superior coverage

Waterborne coatings or water based paint have both internal and external applications.

Indoor timber applications include wood paneling, joinery, flooring, parquetry, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, stairs and exposed beams. The low toxicity of waterborne coatings make them the best solution for furniture, toys, play areas and communal spaces within your health and childcare projects.

Protect wood from damage caused by natural elements and showcase the beauty of timber in all external applications such as paneling, doors, windows, shutters, outdoor artifacts and timber cross beams.

Pacific Coatings supplies, applies, and provides advice to architects about waterborne preservative stains, single and 2 Pack coatings. Choose from a full range of finishes including

  • Multiple gloss levels
  • Zero gloss to retain the natural look of timber
  • Clear, white or pigmented finishes.
  • Transparent & semi transparent stains
  • UV resistant additives suitable for Australia’s harsh climate

Don’t forget to check out the special effects and additives that will really make your project stand out from the crowd.