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Specialised Finishes

Specialised Finishes

Specialised Finishes

Medical Grade

Our medical grade wood specialised finishes are compliant with industry standards, have low toxicity levels and are designed to be long-lasting and durable. These high-performance coatings consist of waterborne, traditional epoxy resins and polyurethanes, whose smooth finish combats bacterial collection and can sustain frequent cleanings with medical grade cleaning agents. Ideal for large-scale projects like clinics and hospitals, Pacific Coating’s Medical Grade finishes come in several colours and textures, ranging from smooth to textured to prevent skidding. As practical as it is stylish, they have quick curing times, an easy application process and outstanding durability, making them an unparalleled option in quality.

Glass Paint

Though it is a challenging and fragile material to finish, glass offers aesthetic beauty and is unlike any other coating material. Our water-based glass paints come in a myriad of colours and finishes that are designed to be durable and visually attractive. Finishes range from metallic to transparent to textured, and more, with an almost endless range of creative solutions. The safety measure of our glass paints means that glass that has been treated with it will stay together if shattered. This is achieved by a thin layer of film that holds broken fragments together, thus preventing cuts and injuries.

Fingerprint Free

Fingerprint free or oleophobic coatings have long been used by various industries as a solution to surfaces that collect fingerprints easily, like glass and stainless steel. Our Fingerprint Free finishes complement the natural beauty of these surfaces, allowing them to stay brilliant and clean longer. These finishes comes in both solvent and water based formulas, are easy to apply and are  a breeze to clean once cured. Your large-scale projects as well as smaller, residential projects that utilise glass, ceramic and steel materials can all benefit from our Fingerprint Free coatings. The result is a long-lasting finish which is engineered to combat fingerprint stains and stay spotless longer by repelling unwanted liquids and oils.

Absolute Matt (0% Gloss)

When your projects require wood to look as raw and natural as possible, our Absolute Matt (also known as 0% Gloss) finishes act as a protector while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. As industry and design trends evolve, natural looking wood is becoming more popular in both residential and commercial structures. Practical, easy to apply and available in a water-based polyurethane option, these finishes are ideal as understated yet elegant coatings that highlight the wood itself. While the finishes protect the wood from scratches and unsightly marks, they also reduce reflectivity and achieve a contemporary and sophisticated look. They are perfect for your large and small scale projects that aim to preserve the visual integrity of the wood.

Anti microbial

As a porous material, wood can be prone to collecting bacteria and raising the risk of infection. Anti microbial finishes impede the growth of e-coli and staph bacteria as well as mould, mildew, and fungus. These coatings are able to withstand frequent cleanings with abrasive cleaning agents. Ideal for schools, child care centres, hospitals, restaurants and any other projects where the growth of bacteria can create unwanted risks, these finishes work in combination with other finishes so there is no compromise on aesthetics.


An intumescent finish is paramount to safety as it slows down the spread of fire, giving people a chance to survive and evacuate. Timber coatings are particularly susceptible to fires and the application of intumescent finishes in highly populated areas and public spaces can mean the difference between life and death. Our Intumescent finishes are compliant with Australian residential and commercial building codes and work in combination with a variety of other finishes so there is no compromise on safety or style. Available in both waterborne and solvent based forms, these intumescent finishes are long-lasting and easy to apply.