Pacific Coatings

Solvent Based

Solvent based wood coatings have been refined and developed for a wide variety of commercial applications for over 100 years .

Solvent based paint systems have numerous benefits for specific applications including:

  • Superior flow and coverage
  • Fast drying times
  • Resistance to high temperatures and humidity extremes during the curing phase
  • Adaptability to freezing temperatures
  • Protection from direct exposure to the sun
  • Cost benefits

Indoor timber applications include wood paneling, joinery, flooring, parquetry, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, stairs and exposed beams.

Protect wood from damage caused by natural elements and showcase the beauty of timber in all external applications such as doors, windows, shutters, outdoor artifacts and timber cross beams.

Pacific Coatings supplies, applies, and provides advice about solvent based stains, single pack and two-pack coatings for interior and exterior use. You can choose clear or pigmented finishes, giving you the option to bring out the natural colour of the timber, or alter the colour of the surface to fit the needs of your design.

Contact us today and ask a Pacific Coatings consultant to assist with the correct specification to suit the specific colour, surface and application for your project.