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Vernites has a proud family history and a passionate team who produce innovative, high quality, environmentally friendly water borne coatings for a wide range of wood based applications. Since it’s conception in Italy in 1965, it has grown to become a global supplier, without equivalent.

The Vernites factory is a state of the art automated processing facility, featuring the latest technology available. The result is unrivalled accuracy and product consistency with minimum waste. Customised product solutions and systems are developed for large scale industrial applications.The commitment to the lessening environmental impact extends beyond product. Waste minimisation, recycling, lean operating processes and use of green energy are core philosophies at Vernites.

Vernites are global coatings and paint suppliers which really stands out from the crowd with it’s Prisma Global Warranty. Warranties of up to 10 years are offered for systems when applied to specifications. Contact Pacific Coatings to discover the benefits that a Vernites’ solution can offer your project.

Verinlegno is an Italian manufacturer of premium quality wood coatings. Since its establishment in 1975 it has built an international reputation of high standing. Continuous improvement, innovation and responsiveness to customer needs are core to their successful philosophy.

People are central to Verinlegno’s focus, whether it be consumer health or the safety, retention and development of employees. Leading technicians utilise new technology and innovative materials to develop the most ecologically sustainable products.

Pacific Coatings are proud to distribute Verinlegno’s to our Australian customers.

Wattyl is an iconic Australian manufacturer of fine interior and exterior wood coating products, and specialises in brands that provide quality woodcare. Since producing its first product in Australia in 1915, Wattyl has continued to innovate, making constant upgrades to products designed to both protect and enhance interior and exterior timbers.

Wattyl is proud to have been founded in Australia, and through operations in Australia and New Zealand employs more than 1,000 people. As an Australian icon, Wattyl is focused on making a difference to a great number of Australian homes and projects.

Pacific Coatings is proud to supply the highest quality Australian products, alongside the world’s leading manufacturers, to our customers.